03 January 2014

It would seem that most people start with an “about me” page so why should this be any different. I am Graham Arden and I live in North Wales with Melissa. We have three children: [Tom] (http://xkcd.com/1198/ “Geologist”) who is currently working in Australia, Caitlin who is studying in [Bristol] (http://www.uwe.ac.uk) and our youngest Ffion who is studying at Llysfasi College, near Ruthin.

I have worked in the [NHS] (http://www.keepournhspublic.com/index.php “Save the NHS”) for the last 28 years and am currently gainfully employed as a Radiotherapy Physicist at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre.

I know some [Python] (http://www.python.org), For interactive data processing and visualisation I use iPython. Some of my hacked together nonsense is available via my Github pages although little of it is likely to prove useful to anyone else.

My other intersets include music, comedy, running and hill walking

All posts are made in a purely personal capacity, are strictly my own opinion and none of my employers business.

No pop, no style, strictly roots…